Discover the new era of Demand Forecasting

Contemplating Contemporary Approach for Demand Forecasts Blending together traditional knowledge, in-depth research of events, machine learning, and statistical modeling; Sibyl determines contemporary standards for supply chains, profits, operations, and expenses.

Not just a forecast, an opportunity for evolution

AICORE,runs 20+ world class algorithms in a parallel using our state of art architecture, to identify best algorithm. It records buying patterns and manual overrides to build personalized forecasting engine.

Sibyl – To Trigger the Probability of Success

Integrating pragmatic AI with unmatchable computational power which is implemented with AICORE, Sibyl lets the retailers analyze the most relevant trends and come up with appropriate decisions based on accurate forecasts. Being able to integrate seamlessly with your space, assortment, promotion, replenishment, inventory and capacity planning it gets just perfect.

Better Forecasting

Specializing to form Core AI engine, integrating with us could help you enhance business predictions subsequently hitting up the targets right. We never fail to take up every possible stride to produce forecasts that are more reliable than the previous one.

See how we can grow your business ?….

Save Costs

You can start up instantly with Sibyl with probably no requirements for investing monetary resources for building up the infrastructure or a team to manage the same. It is perfect to make subtle adjustments and lower operational costs.

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Built for Retail

Sibyl is based on the functionalities of AI Core that learns itself and can mature over time. In fact, we would gradually come up with a personalized forecasting tools operating on the basis of algorithms that guide sales, finance and other business operations making them economically apt.

Investing in building your AICORE….

How it works



Sibyl encrypts sensitive data and identifies it according to the region you arrive from. The access to various details is monitored and users’ actions are guided by specific policies and permissions.

Scalable Performance

It is built in cloud and takes huge volumes of data stake performance and works on utilization based infrastructure pricing. Sibyl allows you to move along exact figures and compare performance over time.

Easy Integration

It makes use of open APIs to integrate with your operations for appropriate allocation and replenishing. Automate sharing with suppliers to produce forecasts for improved outcomes and

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Cutting-Edge Technology

It implements and utilizes 20+ world class algorithms in native AI technologies along with advanced analytics. Endeavors to bring the most appropriate prediction algorithms and choose the one that is apt.

Group Hierarchy

Highlighting trends that prevail for various regions, states or even countries; Sibyl is a perfect forecast tool for multiple channel models that may include online buying and on-store transactions.

Manual Override

While AICORE helps with efficient future forecasts, Sibyl considers its ability to overwrite the changes manually for required perfection. Easily modify baselines and change algorithms with suitable manual.


Derive probable analytics based on the granularity you want. You can access forecasts along with all demanded relational derivations of the prevailing variables and the events.

External Elements

Sibyl presents its analysis and forecasts based on the external elements that could have their impact on the sales patterns. (Including special

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