While you may be selective regarding the capabilities of the tools you use for handling business operations, Sibyl carries in the most competent characteristics, ensuring excellently delivered demand forecasts. Undeniably, it collects and presents all the best elements that would avail you absolutely proficient business management


We seek to offer you absolutely secure ends to operate within. Sibyl makes use of customer keys to encrypt data and identify it according to the region from where you arrive. Your details and data are secured and kept confidential. The access to these is monitored by the authorities so that important details aren’t intruded. There are permissions and policies which guide every action of the users and all other individuals who access the details here. We take extra care for information that may be sensitive.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Sibyl utilizes some of the most relevant technologies that could easily meet up requirements for present-day business operations. Implementing 20+ world-class algorithms along with our excellently defined state of art architecture, it avails with algorithms that could hit up the correct mark. We endeavor to bring you the most appropriate prediction algorithms to choose the one that is apt. it can easily handle higher volumes and operates on the utilization based infrastructure pricing.

Sclable and performence

With the advanced machine learning, avail forecasts that are highly accurate and let you proceed towards more concrete plans and decisions. Rather than beating around the bushes, Sibyl allows you to move along exact figures and compare performance over time. We consider all probable variables appropriately to let you develop a better understanding of various relationships. We bring to you all the elements that could help in creating forecast models that generate the most accurate results.

Easy Integration

In order to be serving to all your requirements, we make sure that this tool and the excellent algorithms can be complied with various systems. It can easily work along the varied platforms for operation. You may seek to automate the sharing of demand forecasts with the suppliers and invite other probable partners to produce forecasts in collaboration for better outcomes and planning which is rather sophisticated with this.

Manual Override

Meet up rapid business changes easily with the modification of baselines and change algorithms with probable manual changes. While AICORE helps with efficient future forecasts, Sibyl considers its ability to overwrite the changes manually for required perfection. A store or channel always avails a demand forecast that may be based on a specific day or item that can be easily edited by the users based on the desirable level of granularity.


You are availed all the necessary elements that could help in deriving probable analytics based on the granularity you want. You can access forecasts along with all demanded relational derivations of the prevailing variables and the events that would have their effect on the turnovers. These analytics are detailed and informative enough to let you redirect sales in a manner that could improve profits for you.

External Elements

Sibyl presents its analysis and forecasts based on the external elements that are likely to have their impact on the sales patterns. These external elements include special dates, festivals, regional weather, seasonal preferences, specific weekends etc. It efficiently handles and updates significantly reduces the efforts required to let you focus solely on activities that are of more significance.

Group Hierarchy

We bring to your forecasts that are based on the trends that prevail for various regions, states or even countries. Sibyl is a perfect forecast tool for multiple channel models that may include online buying and on-store transactions. The selling channel could be handed over the sales while the forecasts could be utilized with respect to supply locations.

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